Noise may have lost its power to offend. Silence hasn’t.
Dan Warburton

Ladies and Gentlemen,

While describing silence we often refer to sound, saying that silence is the lack of audible sound. As logical as this definition may be, it is not quite right. The absence of certain sounds makes our auditory perception more sensitive and enables us to notice the sounds of low intensity. Thus, does silence exist at all? Perhaps it functions only when put in a certain context. Could it serve as an intermediate phase, a fleeting moment of listening to the subtle, thrilling sounds which come from “another world” – the world of silence?

The Royal Łazienki Gardens will turn into such quiet space during the Sphere of Silence Festival. Leave the hustle of the city behind, letting silence embrace you and help you follow the music which subtly corresponds in harmony to the surrounding nature. Let’s listen attentively to this “silence” – it hides endless treasures you will be able to discover during the 6th edition of the Sphere of Silence Festival.

We invite you to come and join us,
Ryszard Kubiak – festival initiator and director
Tomasz Pokrzywiński – music director
Piotr Łabanow – producer

Partnerzy i organizatorzy Festiwalu Strefa Ciszy

Festiwal Strefa Ciszy

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